World Wide Fund For Nature India


Type of Organization:

Non-governmental Organisation


WWF – India Secretariat 172 B, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 110 003

Brief Description of Work/ Research:

WWF-India initiated its marine turtle conservation programme in 2003 at the Rushikulya rookery, with the collection and release of disoriented hatchlings, as a programme with the communities. The initiative aims to minimise/reduce threats to marine turtles from unsustainable fishing practices and coastal development through community participation. WWF hopes to facilitate a consultative mechanism between trawler operators, other fishing communities, government agencies and other NGOs to adopt by-catch reduction devices. Other programme objectives include reducing turtle mortality; building the capacities of the fishing communities to manage turtle nesting areas and the conservation of the marine ecosystem by adopting friendly fishing practices. Finally, WWF hopes to promote the Rushikulya rookery as a community conserved area. The private sector such as the tourism and hotel industry will be engaged as part of WWF’s conservation programme. WWF-India also seeks to facilitate the Government of India (GOI) policy initiatives to conserve marine turtle habitats and populations.

Where is the work/research situated?

Rushikulya, Orissa

Contact Person 1:

Swayam Prabha Das

Contact Person 2:

Sejal Wohrah