Wild Orissa



Type of Organization:

Non-governmental Organisation


Wild Orissa, BJ-29, Mezzanine Floor, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Brief Description of Work/ Research:

They are involved in the monitoring of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, forests and protected areas, carrying out surveys, studies and research on wild floral and faunal species, assisting the Government and other organisations in matters related to enumeration of tigers, leopards, elephants etc., during the census. They also undertake conservation programmes, including campaigns for the preservation of species like the tiger, elephant, mouse deer, olive ridley, chowsingha, etc, and create public awareness on issues relating to wildlife and their habitat through mass media. They also ensure community participation in conservation and preservation of wildlife and their habitats by interacting with and motivating local communities.

Where is the work/research situated?


Contact Person 1:

Monalisa Bhujbal