TREE Foundation



Type of Organization:

Non-governmental Organisation 


Reg: 63, First, Vettuvankeni, Chennai-600115,  

Brief Description of Work/ Research:

TREE Foundation was founded with the primary mission of protecting the fragile marine eco-system and the marine turtle population by developing education programs outlining the land-ocean connection. TREE Foundation focuses on community engagement, education programs, and conservation by understanding the interrelation between coastal communities and the marine resources upon which the communities depend. By providing education and awareness programs to all stakeholders, TREE Foundation aims to: network with authorities on conservation issues, involve the community in fishing-gear management and responsible fishing, spread awareness of the land/ocean connection, and protect all endangered marine species and their habitats. The Foundation pioneered a successful Community-Based Conservation Program for the protection of endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting along and mating and migrating through the coastal waters of the south-east region of India.

Where is the work/research situated?

The program covers 42 villages along in Chennai-Kancheepuram; 5 villages in Sulurpeta; 54 villages in Nellore district; 38 villages in Prakasam district; 3 villages in Guntur district; 4 sandbars and 3 villages in Krishna District; 12 villages in Vizianagaram; 56 villages in Srikakulam district- Andhra Pradesh; and 5 villages in Ganjam, Odisha.

Contact Person 1:

Dr. Supraja Dharini 

Contact Person 2:

Dr. M Prabhakara Rao 

Contact Person 3:

Mr. P Sundeep 

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about your work or organisation?

TREE Foundation, working in conjunction with artisanal fishers, Forest and Fisheries Department, Coastal Security Police of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha and the Indian Coast Guard, has formulated a community conservation program called Integrated Community-Based Conservation Program (ICBCP).