Green Habitat


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Type of Organization:

Non-governmental Organisation


Green Habitat, Guruvayur, Pavaratty.P.O., Thrissur district, Kerala, India

Brief Description of Work/ Research:

Involved in the protection of nesting turtles and eggs during the nesting season at Chavakkad. In 2010, following the completion of ten years of the establishment of the organisation, they started the Kadalamakale Samrashikkuka (or “Savethe sea turtles”) programme. They were also involved with the planting and protection of mangroves in the backwaters of Pavaratty, and the protection of common sparrows. They also organise awareness programmes in collaboration with other organisations and institutions.

Where is the work/research situated?

Their areas of focus include the mangroves of Chettuwai, nesting turtles of Chavakkad beach, birds of Enamakkal Kole lands and house sparrows.

Contact Person 1:

James N.J