Talking Turtles

Everyone seems to know that sea turtles are threatened. More importantly, however, they are a delight to observe, fascinating to study and a challenge to conserve. Five of the seven species of marine turtles are found in Indian coastal waters and four have significant nesting beaches and/or feeding areas. While many populations are threatened by anthropogenic activities, there are a number of people working on both their biology and conservation.

This section features their articles, stories, perspectives and opinions. We hope to bring the world of turtles closer to our readers through articles about sea turtle ecology and conservation, the landscapes and seascapes they inhabit, and the people who work with them.

Our blog featuring articles, stories and opinion pieces by scientists, journalists, activists, students and sea turtle enthusiasts.
Introducing you to the different characters involved in the history turtle conservation and research in India and their stories in their own words. A series of interviews conducted by Kartik Shanker during his research for his book: Soup to Superstar