Project Title: Conservation genetics of olive ridleys on the east coast of India

Main investigators: Kartik Shanker

Institution: Wildlife Institute of India

Project Partners: Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Location: East coast of India

Duration: 1999-2000

Species in focus: Olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea)

Abstract: It provides information on the preliminary findings of a study relating to the conservation genetics of olive ridley turtles along the east coast of India. 

Key Findings: The study revealed the presence of a dominant haplotype (K), the most ancient lineage in ridley turtles suggesting that the olive ridley population on the east coast of India to may be the source for contemporary global populations of ridleys.

Degree(s) resulting from project: Postdoc

Contact Details: Dr. Kartik Shanker, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. E.mail: kshanker@iisc.acin