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Sea turtles of India was developed by the Flagships Group of the Biodiversity and Resource Monitoring Programme, Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore, India (Link: https://www.dakshin.org/home/biodiversity-and-resource-monitoring/). The information hosted on the site has been derived from a number of sources including, ‘Marine Turtles of the Indian subcontinent’, a variety of research papers and materials, personal blogs, etc. We gratefully acknowledge the work of the authors and their permission to reproduce maps and information on this website. 



The Team

Content: Shivani Shah and Anusha Koushik, ATREE, Bangalore;  Seema Shenoy, Terenia Berlie, Amritha Tripathy, Smrutica Jeetendranath, Rutuja Dhamale, Mallika Sardeshpande and Prakriti Mukherjee, Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore.

Design and Development: Pixelmatic, Bangalore

Concept and Production: Kartik Shanker, CES, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Muralidharan Manoharakrishnan and Adhith Swaminathan, Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore. 

Website Manager: Rhea George, Dakshin Foundation 

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Sea Turtles of India (SToI) would not have been possible without the help of its contributors. We would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who have helped keep this community alive over the years and have supported us throughout. Special thanks to our donors the Marine Turtle Conservation Act Programme of the  United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Dakshin Foundation for their continued support.