Sea Turtles Of India

Welcome to Sea Turtles of India! Here you will find information about sea turtles in the Indian subcontinent. Read about the species found here and their distribution. We also have a 101 section on sea turtle biology, life history and identification. Find out about various sea turtle conservation organisations and individuals in India. Feel free to look through the resource section for manuals, posters, popular articles and a detailed bibliography.

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News and Updates

Talking Turtles, the blog

Check out our blog – Talking Turtles! The blog features articles, stories and opinion pieces by scientists, journalists, activists, students and sea turtle enthusiasts. The latest updates are from the spectacular olive ridley mass nesting in March 2015. To read more, click here.

Turtle Diaries

Turtle Diaries, a project funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation, aims to educate the public about the natural history and current efforts to protect sea turtles in India. Click here to learn more about the project and follow the team’s stories as they travel to various locations across the country.

Sea Turtles of India manual

A new manual on research and conservation on sea turtles in India is out! This comprehensive field guide produced by Dakshin Foundation and the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust provides basic information on the biology, research and conservation of sea turtles and related coastal issues, and promotes the use of standardised data collection for research and conservation programmes. Click here to learn more and download the pdf.